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    Pipe Supports

    Our sliding support, guide support, spring support and rolling support are divided into six types of: sliding, guide, heat-insulation sliding, heat-insulation guide, spring and rolling; they are widely applied in the pipelines of steam, water, oil and gas; large scale equipments and constructions in the fields of metallurgy, petrochemical, vessels and cement etc.
    Sliding support includes axial sliding and bilateral sliding, the guide support includes unidirectional and bilateral guide.
    The sliding support adopts PTFE and composite PTFE as the sliding friction materials which has following features:
    ★ Low coefficient of friction(0.03~0.08)、small frictional force,greatly increases the pipe stress and reduces project cost
    ★ Nice corrosion resistance,stable and reliable performance
    ★ Nice Lubricity, can work at any bad environment with low friction coefficient
    ★ The sliding support with composite PTFE material is nice creep resistance, high temperature resistance and nice load capacity

    Designed axial displacement t:100mm、200mm、300mm、400mm
    Designed radial displacement:50mm、100mm、150mm
    Insulation layer design:H1(without insulation),H2、H3(with insulation)

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